The team’s mission is to utilize the power of technology to counteract problems with opportunities.

We have successfully partnered with governments throughout the Caribbean to build and manage numerous technological solutions. Our goal is to make the region a global technological competitor.

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Our Speciality

Mobile App Development

We build apps that perform seamlessly across multiple platforms. There is no doubt that we provide the best "bang for your buck" among our industry.

Web Development

Need a website, progressive web app (PWA), landing page, single page application, or CMS? We have a responsive-first approach to design.

Ui/ux Design

We create visually stimulating, elegant, engaging, and innovative experiences that elevate your brand and positively impacting your mission


Make sure you talk to us if you’re getting ready to build your mobile app or site we'll gladly walk you through what we’ve learned, what has worked for past clients.


We provide a complete QA and testing department to implement strategies that cover the widest range of functional and usability tests.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing packages includes SEO, Social Media, Adwords/PPC services with a rich, artful experience and excellent technical expertise.

Avera App Title

Our small team of full-service designers works intimately and strategically to develop solutions compatible with multiple platforms.

"You won't need sandals where you're going"

Pillars of tourism technology


Government enforces regulations and provides services to ensure that all benefactors of tourism have a smooth, mutually beneficial experience. They create the guidelines that allow tourists and vendors to interface successfully with each other.


Tourism remains one of the top revenue producers in the region. Tens of millions of people visit the Caribbean every year to experience all of its wonders. In a fast-developing world, our visitors expect all the conveniences of their day-to-day life with the tranquil environment that the Caribbean is known for.


An economy that runs on tourism generally makes money through taxes collected on goods and services, be it directly or indirectly. These goods and services are provided by a myriad of businesses, from mom and pop shops to multibillion dollar corporations. A successful tourism industry requires that these businesses be profitable.


On-demand application where a User can book appointment for a AveraMD and can get consultation based on there Symptoms and problems. Live call functionality is also available in case of AveraMD is available. Apps are available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

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