The Cronous Contact Tracing Software is a fully integrated solution that unifies what we know to be the four pillars of tourism tech; government, tourists, residents, and of course, technology. We have progressively built up the digital infrastructure and engineering capabilities as the foundation of Cronous. These enable us to respond decisively and swiftly to the COVID-19 outbreak with a suite of digital tools to help disseminate timely and accurate information to tourism-driven countries and institutions of all sizes. Before travelers arrive at their destination, they will be able to download the application and upload Vaccine card, COVID test results and dates of travel onto our HIPAA compliant database. The Cronous software tracks the location of registered users to determine the areas they have visited. If it is established that a registered user visited a danger zone, the app will send an alarm and a questionnaire to evaluate symptoms.

Ávera Cannabis Suite

The Ávera Cannabis suite provides the medicinal cannabis ecosystem with specific protocols to facilitate all transactions needed to manage the industry. A few of the most significant transactions that will be handled by the Ávera API are:

1.Patient Registry services to provide all adults (residents and tourists) over the age of 21 with legal registration cards (a “Day Pass”).

2.Telemedicine capabilities (if requested) to provide medical cannabis registration cards to tourists; Onboarding of all entities desirous of participating in the industry, including Cultivators; Dispensaries; Doctors; Transportation and Security Companies.

3.Point of Sale technology solutions for all transactions allows for “Seed-to-Sale” tracking and safe, secure processing of the revenue and tax payments; and Delivery functionality that allows for quick, convenient deliveries of your cannabis products directly to you.


PeláGo is an excursion manager app created exclusively for scheduling and paying for tourism activities within the Caribbean Archipelago; this makes it the perfect companion for anyone wanting to book excursions. Business owners in the tourism industry can use our powerful administration panel to manage and grow their customer base and manage customers, activity, payments, and transaction reporting all in one simple, easy-to-read dashboard.